Tabula Rosa

March 19, 2019

Listening to Father Martin discuss the first step, I had an epiphany. We are not born with a clean slate. There are already genetic and environmental factors at work. How soon does a foetus have emotions? We know that animals have emotional centers in the brain. Baby birds learn their name before they fledge from the nest. Is it more like turning the Titanic around when we try to make changes to our behavior?

Popes and Cats

December 16, 2014

According to scholars, Vox in Rama “is the first official church document that condemns the black cat as an incarnation of Satan, and consequently it was the death warrant for the animal.” [15]

It is also claimed that this worsened the Black Death a century after Gregory’s time, because the plague was spread by rats who were unchecked in Europe due to the decline of cat numbers.[16]

This post was prompted by the internet rumor that Pope Francis said cats go to heaven. It seems, however, that it was Pope Paul VI that comforted a small boy with the thought of his dog accompanying him into heaven.


October 11, 2014

Four years. Wow. I am overwhelmed it has been that long. The reason I am writing is that I am taking a look back at how society has attempted to throw me away time after time.

My AA women’s group just kicked me out. 10/2014

The local AA District kicked me out. 9/2014

Female AA member kicked me out of her house because I requested payment for work I had completed.

Legion of Mary from Sacred Heart of Jesus Church in Winchester kicked me out. 5/2014

Soup kitchen at Knights of Columbus kicked me out. 2/2014

Echo Village Budget Motel kicked me out. 10/2013

Salvation Army kicked me out. 7/2013

Holy Cross Abbey kicked me out. 7/2013

Abusive boyfriend, whom I met in AA, tackled me and pushed me through a screen door. 7/2013

Four women in AA kicked me out of an apartment where I was staying. 4/2013

Drunk Landlady kicked me out when I confronted her about stealing my food that I had received from a food bank.

Abusive boyfriend, whom I met in AA, kicked me out of his apartment. 1/2013

Chinese qigong and the basis

September 29, 2010

Chinese qigong and the basis.

For followers of Bill W., there was a time in his history when he ran into a wall of depression.  This happened to me when I was three years sober.  Soon I was flat on my back and could not get out of bed.  It felt like there was a crushing weight on me.  I looked at yoga and tai chi, but both of them seemed complicated with the hundreds of moves.  In 2001, the internet was not what it is now.  I found a book in the library about Qi Gong by a psychologist.  He began practicing the 8 silken movements and soon his body was free of cancerous tumors. 8 sounded like a better number than 121 to someone who was depressed. I began doing Qi Gong from the book.  In 2003, I moved from Virginia to Pennsylvania.  I was surprised to discover a Qi Gong teacher at the Jewish Community Center.  I attended her classes for many months.  With all this the depression and anxiety got better.  Now in 2010, I have had surgery for fibroids and I have put on 35 pounds.  I do not like being this heavy.  I am trying an insulin resistance diet;  and I am going for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Treatments.  I had my first treatment this evening.  I felt a lot of pain in my spleen 6 and spleen 9 acupressure points.  I felt like a lot of heat was released part way through the treatment.  I am hoping this works, because the alternative is a hysterectomy.

De press ion

September 21, 2010

Today I feel depressed. Depression treatment includes exercise. I have arthritis. I am overweight because of the medication. My knees hurt a LOT. Every time I exercise, my knees hurt MORE. I used to run but now I can not.

I’ve been running out of food stamps every month. I try and shop with coupons. I have pernicious anemia. I have low thyroid. I am supposed to take iron; but not with the thyroid medicine. Some doctors say that vitamins and dietary supplements are a waste of money. Glucosamine is expensive. I have a type of wheat allergy. I am probably also allergic to milk. What am I supposed to eat?

Sleeping is cheap. I could sleep all day, every day, day after day. Then I stay up at night with no one with whom to talk. This sucks.

I am supposed to have a strong social network with friends and family. My husband absconded with my daughter. My Dad died. My mother is the devil incarnate. My sister won’t talk to me because my mother will write her out of the will if she does. I found a bunch of pornography on my aunt’s computer and she is angry at my uncle – so she does not talk to me. I do not have any friends. No one loves me. Everybody hates me. It hasn’t rained. I live on the third floor. My cat probably has worms. He has diarrhea. I have eaten caterpillars and wormy apples. How do worms taste?

Too much stress puts you at risk for depression. Ha. I laugh at you.
Stressor number one. I have been on the waiting list for a Section 8 voucher for 5 years. I have been looking for an apartment for three months. There are only 5 1 BR apartments available in my city. 4 of them belong to Mr. Wennerstrom. I spoke with Mr. Wennerstrom and said I have paid my rent for 3 years with no problem. I am on disability. Will you rent an apartment to me? He said give me $25. I gave him a check for $25 even though I will go hungry and not have money for food now. He called me back and asked for what I had been arrested. I told him – disorderly conduct in the unemployment office. Then Mr. Wennerstrom hung up the phone and would not answer it. Disorderly conduct is a summary offense. It is NOT a misdemeanor or felony. He said YOU LIED ON YOUR APPLICATION B/C YOU DID NOT TELL ME THE FELONIES OF WHICH YOU HAD BEEN CONVICTED. I was NOT convicted of any felonies. I have never been charged with a felony. I have not been arrested for a felony.

Stressor number two. My car needed to be inspected. I have no money. I pay more than half of my monthly income for rent. The brakes were off by 1 point. I told the mechanic that I had no money. He refused to pass the vehicle. He wanted $500.

Stressor number 3. My daughter just turned 18 and now she is going to college. I sent her an email. She said that she does not know me. Then she blocked my email.

Stressor number 4. I have been kicked out of AA and NA. This is not because I get in to fist fights or cat fights. I have seen people get in to both – even members with 10 years or more. They shout at each other and scratch and slap. No. It is because I told them that the treasurer was not balancing the checking account. He was just winging it. He over drew the account by $0.99 and the bank charged the group $75. The Treasurer said he would quit. The 11th concept calls for responsible use of funds. Spending $75 on bank fees does not seem to be doing the work of carrying the message.

Volunteering is supposed to be a “wonderful way to get social support and help others while also helping yourself.” The volunteer coordinator lied about me; and then the director fired me from my volunteer position. This has happened before. It also happens when I am actually getting paid for work.

I want to be a nun, but I am too old. The Catholic Church pays priests an annual salary and gives them free housing even though they have sexually abused 400 children. The Church promotes the men to Bishops and pay them salaries even in to their eighties.

Youth PROMISE Action | Tell Congress to Pass the Youth PROMISE Act | International Day of Peace Action with Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

September 9, 2010

Youth PROMISE Action | Tell Congress to Pass the Youth PROMISE Act | International Day of Peace Action with Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream.

New video from Anthony of the Red Hot Chili Peppers in support of the Youth Promise Act. Call your U.S. Senators NOW.

“Peace” to 738674

Puppymill Meister Joseph Pitts of Pennsylvania

June 24, 2010

Representative Joseph Pitts of Pennsylvania’s Congressional District 16: Voting and Cosponsorship Record, Activity Scorecard, Contact Info and Background from That’s My Congress.

“I will support reasonable and balanced efforts to end the unnecessary abuse of animals.” Congressman Joe Pitts

Somebody explain what is the “necessary abuse of animals?”

This is from the Congressman who oversees the worst puppy mills on the planet!

Helping Migratory Birds at Home – National Wildlife Federation

June 18, 2010

Helping Migratory Birds at Home – National Wildlife Federation.

OMG!THIS is COMPLETELY IRRESPONSIBLE! This is getting thousands of retweets. Issue a retraction immediately. How could the National Wildlife Federation imply that a handful of people putting a box or sunflower plant could POSSIBLY have ANY effect on the loss of all the wetlands in the Gulf of Mexico!? Take this down immediately!

BBC News – Anti-trafficking measures ‘not fit for purpose’

June 16, 2010

BBC News – Anti-trafficking measures ‘not fit for purpose’.

The Anti-Trafficking Monitoring Group is a coalition including Anti-Slavery International, Amnesty International UK and ECPAT UK (End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and the Trafficking of Children).

Do we have a group like this in America? Sounds like a good organization. I have only seen limited coverage of UNitE. We have these same problems here in the U.S.

Get Salazar Out of Here

June 15, 2010

Read this horrifying press release from the Department of Interior with Secretary Salazar offering 18.8 Million acres for offshore drilling. Secretary Salazar made the announcement from New Orleans just days before the oilspill.

100401.pdf (application/pdf Object).